How pMg Works

Supplies Some of The Most Important Basic Raw Materials for Normal Cell Function

Potentiated Magnesium® (pMg) is no ordinary dietary supplement.  pMg® is extraordinary in every respect and has extraordinary health benefits, primarily supporting normal:  Heart health, circulation, respiratory function, cellular function, muscle function, energy production, and supporting a normal Health Span.  To understand how pMg works requires a basic understanding of how pMg came to be.

The Unexpected Discoveries

In 1968 a quest began to try and find a natural substance that could provide relief for a condition of the heart known as cardiac arrhythmia extrasystole, more specifically known as a premature ventricular contraction (PVC), which were stress-induced, as opposed to having an underlying heart defect or organic cause.  (Of course, any heartbeat arrhythmia should be fully evaluated by a cardiologist to establish its cause.)

Stress-induced PVCs are a common condition that can occur in otherwise healthy individuals.  They occur where a strong emotion such as fear or excitement, or exposure to chronic stress, can stimulate what feels like a skipped heartbeat.  However, PVCs are actually an early or premature heartbeat followed by a slightly longer than usual pause before the next heartbeat (typically perceived as a palpitation), which occurs in the ventricle heart chamber (the muscular chamber that pumps blood out of the heart to the rest of the body), hence its name:  Premature ventricular contraction.

Both acute stress and chronic stress can stimulate stress-induced PVCs.  Other common triggers include the consumption of stimulants such as sugar, chocolate, caffeine, monosodium glutamate (MSG), stimulant drugs (legal and illegal), unaccustomed exercise or other physical strain or exhaustion, lack of sleep, dehydration, and overeating – virtually anything that stresses the body – emotionally, mentally, or physically, and, it has been learned, is especially common when there is an imbalance between the electrolyte minerals calcium and magnesium (too much calcium and not enough magnesium).  Technically, one or more trigger causes the muscle heart cells (myocytes) spontaneous depolarization (causing an electrical discharge) out of the usual nerve-stimulated heartbeat sequence causing a PVC to occur when calcium ions are in excess (calcium is responsible for muscle contractions, while magnesium is responsible for muscle relaxation).  It is now known that the most common trigger is anxiety and stress which can cause PVCs to occur when there is inadequate magnesium on site.  (References: Premature Ventricular Contractions,, and Mount Sinai Hospital, New York websites)

Historically, Stress-induced PVCs have plagued astronauts ever since the beginning of the U.S. space program.  Apparently, riding a rocket full of highly explosive rocket fuel, pulling very high G’s at launch, and then being hurled into space is a little stressful (go figure).

There have even been love songs that have mentioned stress-induced PVCs:  “When I saw my love my heart skipped a beat with excitement…” This might even be the origin of how the heart has come to be thought of as the seat of emotional love:  A strong emotion that affects the heart.

As the quest continued, every known nutritional substance (primarily vitamins and minerals) was tested individually, as well as testing every possible combination.  After more than 10 years of testing the primary focus narrowed to minerals, and more testing narrowed the search to the electrolyte minerals.  Eventually the search focused on the essential electrolyte mineral magnesium.

The first problem encountered with magnesium when taken in oral supplement form was its inherent hydrophilic nature, that is, its inherent ability to attract and hold water in the intestinal tract, which is what gives it its tendency to cause transitory diarrhea.  In addition, magnesium is naturally highly alkaline, which also contributes to making it difficult to assimilate.  Thus, an intense program was developed over the ensuing years with the goal of finding a way to overcome these two significant obstacles so a convenient-to-take oral form of magnesium could be taken each day in meaningful amounts, with the goal of naturally preventing and relieving stress-induced PVCs.

After much trial and error that spanned many years, a unique way was eventually developed where magnesium could be formed in an oral supplement form (for easy daily consumption) that successfully overcame the inherent hydrophilic nature and alkalinity of magnesium.  This unique formulation process eventually became known as the Compound Complex™ process, a previously unknown process based on the nature of the chemical bond.  (Reference: U.S. Patents 5,849,337 and 6,372,264 and other worldwide patents by Michael W. Dixon, and “The Nature Of The Chemical Bond”, Baker Non-resident Lectureship in Chemistry at Cornell University, by Dr. Linus Pauling)

The Compound Complex process allowed magnesium for the first time to be ingested in meaningful amounts without producing any deleterious side effects, and at the same time allowed for 100% Uptake (not just bioavailability, but actual uptake).  This type of uptake, which is maximized intestinal absorption and optimized cellular utilization, eventually became known as Maxcelint Uptake®.  (See “Compound Complex & Maxcelint Uptake” for more details.)

1.  Effectiveness -  Then the first of five unexpected discoveries was made.  It was discovered that the Compound Complex process caused a supercharging effect of the ingredients of the new magnesium preparation, which resulted in bringing magnesium to its full potential, the potential it probably always had but went unrecognized simply because not enough magnesium could be ingested without it causing transitory diarrhea.  This new magnesium preparation that had reached its full potential became known as Potentiated Magnesium, with pMg becoming its chemical symbol as well as its abbreviation.  And, the Compound Complex process not only brought out the full potential of the magnesium, it also supercharged the other major ingredient of pMg, the vitamin C content.

Discovery One: The Compound Complex process supercharges all the ingredients, bringing each to their full potential and making each much more powerful and effective.

2.  Dystrophic Calcification -  Then the second unexpected discovery was made.  Potentiated Magnesium was so powerful and effective that it not only prevented and relieved stress-induced PVCs, it also had other quite profound beneficial effects on the heart and vascular system – the most significant of which is that pMg demonstrated an ability to prevent, reverse and actually reduce the physical presence of dystrophic calcification (calcium deposits in soft tissues), which is one of the primary factors that can affect blood flow.  (Reference: U.S. Patents 5,849,337 and 6,372,264)

Discovery Two: Potentiated Magnesium demonstrated profound beneficial support for normal heart-health and arterial function, and an actual reduction of the physical presence of dystrophic calcification.

3.  Unbalanced Calcium Metabolism -  Then the third unexpected discovery was made.  After realizing that Potentiated Magnesium had such a profound beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system and its normal function and health, and did so in a natural way, intense study was undertaken to try and establish the actual underlying cause of dystrophic calcification.  Through a series of scientific investigations it was eventually determined that the actual underlying culprit that causes dystrophic calcification that most affects the heart and arteries is unbalanced calcium metabolism, that is, how excess calcium is used in conjunction with inadequate magnesium on the cellular level, especially involving the endothelial cells that line the interior of the arteries.  Adequate magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker that controls and regulates how much calcium enters cells, therefore providing the balance needed for normal calcium metabolism and normal cellular function.  It was further determined that the effect unbalanced calcium metabolism has on the normal health and function of the cardiovascular system is facilitated by a long-standing subclinical vitamin C deficiency that weakens the structural integrity of the vascular system (as a result of inhibited collagen formation).  Ongoing adequate vitamin C provides the basic raw material necessary for the structural integrity and normal function of the vascular system.  The primary nutrients in Potentiated Magnesium are the essential mineral magnesium and vital vitamin C.  (See “Unbalanced Calcium Metabolism,” “The Role of Calcium,” “Magnesium,” and “Vitamin C” for more details.)

Discovery Three: The underlying cause of dystrophic calcification in the cardiovascular system was determined to be unbalanced calcium metabolism (caused by excess calcium in the presence of inadequate magnesium on the cellular level) in a weakened arterial system of long duration (caused by a long-standing subclinical vitamin C deficiency).

4.  Energy Production & Health Span -  As research continued, and the role of Potentiated Magnesium on the normal function, vitality, energy, stability, and life of the cell became better understood, the forth discovery was made.  It was learned that pMg provided the magnesium ions necessary to bond (on the molecular level) with the energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) that is produced by the mitochondria (the cell’s “power plant”) in each cell to form the complete energy complex MgATP – thus naturally increasing energy.  Also, it was discovered that by improving the healthy function of the cells by balancing calcium metabolism, cellular damage could be prevented and thus the cell’s longevity was optimized (excess unbalanced calcium causes cell damage).  As a result, pMg demonstrated that it could help slow the aging process and prevent premature aging – on the cellular level – which naturally extends the human Health Span (healthful longevity). (See “Cells – The Basis of Life & Aging” and “The Real Secret of Health & Longevity” in the Health Research Section for more details.)

Discovery Four: Potentiated Magnesium helps prevent cellular damage and supports normal cell function, supports energy production, helps slow the aging process and prevent premature aging, and in so doing increases the human Health Span.

5.  Respiratory Function -  A true serendipitous story:  In 2006, a professional singer went to the renowned alternative medical clinic in Newport Beach, California, the Whitaker Wellness Institute, seeking relief from symptoms associated with chronic respiratory constriction.  The singer was administered IV magnesium, which was the only thing that really helped her.  The singer was told by her treating physician that she must have the mineral magnesium on a daily basis if she wants ongoing relief.  Not being practical to receive IV magnesium every day, the singer was advised to find an oral form of magnesium that she could tolerate (she was especially sensitive to oral magnesium supplements).  The singer subsequently tried every form of magnesium supplement on the market, but could not find one that she could tolerate.  So, back to the Whitaker Wellness Institute she went.  This time the singer just happened to see the same doctor who was involved in monitoring some of the research studies of some of the individuals who were taking and testing the effectiveness of Potentiated Magnesium (pMg), and who just happened to have a bottle of it.  When the singer told the doctor that she couldn’t find a magnesium supplement that she could tolerate, the doctor handed her the bottle of pMg and told her to try this new form of magnesium (at the time, not yet on the market).  The singer found that she could tolerate pMg without any difficulty, and as a result got the respiratory relief she sought.  Through this event (and subsequent confirming studies), it was unexpectedly discovered that Potentiated Magnesium has a profound beneficial effect on the respiratory system, strongly supports normal respiratory function, and confirms that pMg is well-tolerated - even in those who are especially sensitive to magnesium.  The fact that the singer just happened to go to the one medical clinic, and see the one doctor who just happened to have a bottle of pMg, was truly serendipitous.

Discovery Five: Potentiated Magnesium supports the normal function and relaxation of the muscle structures of the respiratory tract and thus helps support normal respiratory function.

Another Important Discovery

Several other discoveries were made about heart health, aside from those made involving Potentiated Magnesium.  More intense research eventually revealed the cascading physiological pathway of arterial dystrophic calcification, and exactly how it can eventually lead to potentially life-threatening cardiovascular events – specifically identifying each step, starting with an improper diet and exactly how that can eventually lead to the number one cause of death in the U.S. and throughout the world (details of which will be revealed and discussed in a more appropriate forum).

So, while looking for a natural remedy for stress-induced PVCs, several unexpected discoveries were made.

Potentiated Magnesium represents a quantum leap forward in the development of nutritional supplements, in natural health, and in what pMg actually does in the human body.  Never before has a nutritional supplement supported such a broad spectrum of natural health benefits, supporting normal:  Heart health, circulation and blood flow, respiratory function, cellular function, muscle function, energy production, and healthful longevity.  The health benefits of Potentiated Magnesium are so far-reaching that it actually has a strong influence on the normal healthy function of cells – all cells – and as a result extends each cell’s normal Health Span.

Normal cardiovascular health and increased healthful longevity – it doesn’t get much better than that.

How It Does What It Does

Heart Health – Simply put, Potentiated Magnesium has a profound beneficial impact on normal heart health as a result of magnesium’s basic ability to balance calcium metabolism and prevent dystrophic calcification, and vitamin C’s ability to physically strengthen the structural integrity of the blood vessels in addition to it being a potent antioxidant.  In addition, because of magnesium’s inherent ability to relax muscles, pMg may also help to support normal blood pressure by relaxing the small muscles that are an integral part of the artery structure which results in arterial dilation.  (See “You Get More Than You Think” and “The Active Ingredients of pMg & MAX,” “The Real Secret of Health & Longevity,” “The Importance of Magnesium,” “Unbalanced Calcium Metabolism” and “Back To Basics With Mother Nature” for more in-depth information.)

Respiratory FunctionPotentiated Magnesium has a profound beneficial impact on respiratory function by relaxing the muscle structures that surround and are an integral part of the respiratory passageways.  Magnesium is a well-known natural muscle relaxer.  pMg is so good at providing muscle relaxation that it has been used quite successfully with other electrolyte minerals (potassium and sodium) to relieve muscle cramps:  That result from exercising too vigorously (known as “use” cramps, which should more accurately be called “overuse” cramps), nocturnal leg and feet cramps, charley horse type cramps, spontaneous muscle spasms or muscle twitches, and has even prevented and helped provide relief from tension headaches and menstrual cramps.  Magnesium provides the muscle relaxing quality to balance calcium’s ability to contract muscles, which is particularly important for normal respiratory and cardiovascular function.

Enhanced Energy – Magnesium functions on the cellular level, where it bonds with the mitochondria-produced energy molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to form the complete energy complex MgATP.  An increase in natural energy is the first thing usually noticed by those who begin taking Potentiated Magnesium for the first time.  Many have reported the elimination of their usual mid-afternoon drowsiness.  And, the enhanced energy is a natural increase (as opposed to an artificial stimulation like that derived from caffeine or sugar).  There is no “buzz” with pMg, just an increase in natural energy.  And, the natural increase in energy does not interfere with sleep.  In fact, because of the natural muscle relaxing quality of pMg, it may actually assist in falling asleep.

Muscle Strength – Because of magnesium’s inherent ability to have such a dramatic effect on muscles (both heart and skeletal muscles), when Potentiated Magnesium is combined with the essential mineral zinc, and then taken at bedtime (which is when exercised muscles recover and grow), after having been engaged in exercise or other physical activities earlier in the day, muscle strength and endurance naturally increase.  Numerous independent studies have verified an 11-56% increase in exercised muscle strength.  Go To The MAX Potentiated Magnesium plus Zinc (MAX) is a special blend of pMg and zinc, and has been specifically designed to provide a completely natural way to increase exercised muscle strength and endurance, and provide peak physical performance for all physical activities.  Plus, the Compound Complex process not only supercharges the magnesium and vitamin C content, it also supercharges the zinc content, yielding the world’s most powerful and effective natural exercised muscle strength formulation.  (See “Go To The MAX” and “Get The Most From Your Workout With MAX” for references and more detailed information.)

Immune SupportGo To The MAX (pMg + Zinc) provides natural support for the normal function of the immune system.  Magnesium is a natural immune system modulator.  Vitamin C is well-known as a potent antioxidant and provides support for the immune system.  The essential mineral Zinc provides natural support for boosting the immune systemMAX combines all three essential nutrients with the Compound Complex process which provides 100% Uptake.

In addition, pMg and MAX also supports all of the other health and normal function benefits associated with their primary ingredients:  Magnesium, vitamin C, and zinc.  More information about these important nutrients, as well as all the other nutrients, can be found in The Complete Nutrient Directory™ in the Nutrient Resource Section.

The Basis For How pMg Works

Fundamentally, Potentiated Magnesium works on the cellular and molecular level.  Nutrients are the basic raw materials that allow the body to function, with such function occurring on the cellular level.  Minerals are specifically needed by the body for function and body structure, while vitamins act more as catalytic enzymes that allow function.  Without nutrients the cells would cease to function and die, as would the body.  Adequate and balanced nutrients are what provide the cells with the raw materials they need to function in a normal manner.  When the cells are functioning in a normal, balanced, stable and healthy manner a condition of homeostasis is said to exist.

The human body always wants to be in homeostasis and continuously strives to maintain it, as evidenced by the fact that the human body even has an immune system in the first place – so the body can take care of itself.  It is well-known that medications don’t actually heal the body, but rather only set-up the internal environment so the body can heal itself.  In a somewhat similar way, nutrients help the body heal itself by optimizing the internal environment by providing the basic raw materials of cellular function and life.  When the cells are functioning normally, the body is able to maintain homeostasis.  When homeostasis exists the cells are humming right along and the body thrives.  But if homeostasis doesn’t exist then degenerative conditions can develop.  To return to and maintain homeostasis the raw materials of normal cell function need to be present.  Potentiated Magnesium and Go To The MAX provide some of those basic raw materials the body needs for normal cell function and to maintain homeostasis, and does so with 100% Uptake.

Potentiated Magnesium doesn’t remedy any health problem.  Rather it provides some of the most important basic raw materials necessary for the cells and the body to return to its normal, balanced, stable and healthy condition of homeostasis.  The body actually heals itself, with pMg only providing the basic raw materials so it can do so.  Potentiated Magnesium doesn’t heal the body, Mother Nature does.  (See “Back To Basics With Mother Nature” in the Health Research Section for more information.)

Bottom Line: Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) supports the normal function of the human body – nothing more, nothing less.

Potentiated Magnesium Works With How The Human Body Normally Works!

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