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Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. (MLI) is the exclusive producer of Potentiated Magnesium® (pMg) and the entire line of pMg-based products, and is headquartered in Orange County, California.  MLI was formed in the year 2000 as a privately-held California corporation specifically to produce, market, and distribute the pMg® line of nutritional supplement products, and was formed on the basis of the research and development efforts of The Research Lab and the orthomolecular biochemistry research, human research studies, and worldwide patents involving pMg.

Potentiated Magnesium and all the pMg-based dietary supplement products are the result of more than 40 years of research and development into the role the essential mineral magnesium (Mg) and vital vitamin C play in supporting cardiovascular health and function, cellular metabolism, and mitochondrial function, which began in 1968 by Michael W. Dixon as an extension of the orthomolecular research conducted by twice Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling.

Michael W. Dixon’s orthomolecular biochemistry research (how nutrients function on the cellular and molecular level within the human body) resulted in the development of the Compound Complex™, a new kind of orthomolecular chemical bond which is what allows for the unprecedented uptake of pMg, and is what fully activates and imparts the essential nutrients magnesium and vitamin C in pMg with a new level of power and effectiveness – known as Supercharged Synergy™.  This achievement in orthomolecular biochemistry has been recognized throughout the world by the Patent Offices of the U.S., Canada, Japan, China, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Other innovative developments of MLI which support the natural health and normal function of the human body (supporting homeostasis), especially the cardiovascular system, which are fully detailed in the Natural Health Directory, and which include:

  • Advanced the science of orthomolecular biochemistry with a better understanding of unbalanced calcium metabolism and dystrophic calcification, and their role in cell function and cardiovascular health;
  • Discovered and charted the cascading physiological and biochemical pathway of the arterial system that appears to be responsible for endothelial cell dysfunction and damage, which is believed by most researchers today to be the underlying cause of dystrophic calcification formation and buildup that most affects the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, and the eyes;
  • Established the Five Pillars of Health™ which forms the natural foundation of health: (1) Proper Nutrition, (2) Regular Exercise, (3) Adequate Sleep, (4) Stress Management, and (5) A Daily Supply of Vital Nutrients;
  • Demonstrated how certain nutrients (along with the Five Pillars of Health™) can accelerate the health benefits of Potentiated Magnesium;
  • Compiled the informational resource guide The Complete Nutrient Directory™ which includes in one resource detailed information for all nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, minerals, and the newly discovered phytochemicals), and includes a concise quick-reference nutrient guide: Nutrients-At-A-Glance™;
  • Developed the heart-healthy MediterrAsian Diet, which is a natural blend of the Mediterranean Diet with a strong Asian seafood influence;
  • Developed the concept of consuming BAP (broccoli, apple and pomegranate) each day to support optimum health;
  • Developed the much more user-friendly Advanced Glycemic Index™ for a better understanding of carbohydrate (carbs) intake, weight gain, and a better understanding of the relationship between carbohydrate intake and health;
  • Developed the balanced, fiber-rich, and super-healthy Super Shake;
  • Set the standard for healthful walking with 30/100 daily (30 minutes duration at 100 paces per minute);
  • Introduced a new form of Interval Training with Runwalking (which alternates between longer periods of walking with shorter periods of jogging within the same exercise session);
  • Developed the Stress & Tension Alleviating Response™ (STAR) as a quick, easy and quite effective method for stress management;
  • Originated and suggested the concept of “Prevention And Reduction of Seriously Nasty Infectious Pathogens” (PARSNIP) as a method of social greeting instead of hand shaking to help prevent the spread of seasonal infectious pathogens;
  • Has demonstrated in its research studies and numerous worldwide patents the profound beneficial efficacy and natural health benefits of Potentiated Magnesium to support and help maintain the balance, stability, structural integrity and normal function of the cardiovascular system, as verified within the patents with compelling human research studies that feature dramatic “before” and “after” state-of-the-art electron-beam CT heart scans (Reference: U.S. Patents 5,849,337 and 6,372,264);
  • Demonstrated the deleterious effects unbalanced calcium metabolism has on normal cellular function and cell longevity;
  • Demonstrated the beneficial effects Potentiated Magnesium has on the cellular level that supports normal heart health, helps slow the aging process, helps prevent premature aging, and provides the natural support needed to help increase the human “Health Span” (healthful longevity);
  • Perhaps the greatest achievement of MLI has been the landmark development of the pMg-based line of advanced nutritional supplement products so everyone who wants and seeks better health can share in the natural health benefits of pMg.

The independent orthomolecular biochemistry researcher, Michael W. Dixon, who developed Potentiated Magnesium and made all of the discoveries involving pMg, is the founder and director of The Research Lab and Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.  The Research Lab is the world leader in the landmark research and innovative development of Potentiated Magnesium and the complete line of pMg-based nutritional supplement products.  Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. is the world leader in the exclusive production and commercial marketing of Potentiated Magnesium and the complete line of pMg-based nutritional supplement products.  Maxcelint® (a natural blend of “maximum” and “excellent”) means Maximum Excellence™ in quality nutritional supplements.

Mission Statement

Maximum Excellence in the development and production of quality nutritional supplements that support the health and normal function of the human body, that help prevent premature aging, and help slow the aging process.

Founder’s Statement

“My goal in life is to make a contribution of some lasting significance that will benefit mankind.”
                                                                                                                               - Michael W. Dixon

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