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pMg  =  Supercharged Magnesium, Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids
MAX  =  Supercharged Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc & Bioflavonoids

Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) is the most advanced form of magnesium ever developed – and is completely naturalpMg and the pMg-based products (such as MAX) are a unique and patented blend of natural organic raw materials (such as natural vegetable-source vitamin C and bioflavonoids) and natural inorganic mineral earth elements (such as magnesium and zinc), with the tablet-forming materials from natural vegetable sources, and even the tablet coating that seals in the natural goodness is a natural and pure vegetable-based tablet coating.  This type formulation imparts a slightly speckled appearance to the pMg tablets.  The revolutionary patented process that blends the natural organic and inorganic components together is known as the Compound Complex™ process, and it is this process that imparts its Supercharged Synergy™ – providing unparalleled 100% Uptake that results in the most powerful and effective form of magnesium ever produced.

The magnesium portion of pMg is so potent that it not only profoundly benefits the cardiovascular system, it also dramatically supports the respiratory system – and does so by naturally relaxing the muscles of the respiratory tract, similar to the way in which magnesium has a relaxing effect on the cardiovascular system.  This has proven useful for those with chronic respiratory conditions that are a result of exposure to seasonal environmental irritants.  (Caution: pMg is not for acute respiratory distress or dysfunction.)  Thus, the supercharged magnesium portion of pMg supports both normal heart health and normal respiratory function in a completely natural way by helping to relax their muscle structures.  (For the full extent of the extraordinary benefits derived from taking pMg, see U.S. Patents 5,849,337 and 6,372,264 at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website:

pMg is not only the most advanced form of magnesium in the world, it is also the world’s most advanced form of vitamin C.  There is actually twice as much vitamin C in each pMg tablet as there is elemental magnesium.  (“Elemental” magnesium is the actual amount of magnesium that is available to be taken up by the body, i.e., bioavailable, and the amount of magnesium listed on the pMg label is “elemental” magnesium.)  This 2:1 vitamin C to magnesium proportion is also in Go To The MAX and all pMg-based nutritional supplement products.

Because of the unique Compound Complex™ process, that successfully balances the inherent alkalinity of an inorganic substance (the elemental magnesium portion) with a naturally acidic organic substance (the vegetable-source vitamin C portion), the result is not only magnesium that has been brought to its full potential – Potentiated Magnesium – but in addition, a new and highly absorbable form of vitamin C that has also been brought to its full potential, that in effect becomes Supercharged Vitamin C – or Potentiated Vitamin C – resulting in the most powerful and effective vitamin C on the planet.  (The word “Potentiated” is the exclusive registered trademark of Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.)

The patented Compound Complex process not only potentiates the magnesium (bringing it to its full potential), it also potentiates the vitamin C, making it the world’s most actively absorbed and supercharged form of vitamin C.  It is even significantly better than the much touted Ester-C® which is really nothing more than vitamin C that has been buffered with a small amount of calcium and with metabolites added for a theoretical increase in uptake and retention, which works well in test tubes and animal models but with only marginal improvements seen in human beings with actual use.  On the other hand, all of the research studies involving pMg have been conducted exclusively with human beings, and have been independently monitored and scientifically verified – with dramatic results.  pMg doesn’t rely on test tube or lab results, but rather uses real people in the real world.  The difference is significant.

The one entity that has conducted the most research with vitamin C, and as a result knows more about vitamin C than anyone, is the Linus Pauling Institute.  They had some interesting things to say about Ester-C® and its bioavailability:  “One supplement, Ester-C® contains mainly calcium ascorbate, but also contains small amounts of vitamin C metabolites dehydroascorbate (oxidized ascorbic acid), calcium threonate, and trace levels of xylonate and lyxonate.  Although the metabolites are supposed to increase the bioavailability of vitamin C, the only published study in humans addressing this issue found no difference between Ester-C® and commercially available ascorbic acid tablets with respect to the absorption and urinary excretion of vitamin C.”
– The Linus Pauling Institute

Note:  Of all the dietary supplements on the market, vitamin C continues to be the single most popular nutrient.  And, of all the vitamin C supplements on the market, Ester-C® is the most popular vitamin C.  They have achieved this not with a better product, but through vigorous marketing hype and name recognition…but that is about to change.  (Ester-C is the registered trademark of The Ester C Company.)

Making something “available” to the body for uptake, and actual uptake by the body are completely different.  Rather than trying to perfect a particular chemical process (such as with Ester-C®), Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. has taken a different approach – focusing instead on what actually works within the human body.  This is kind of like “human engineering” a dietary supplement (with the emphasis on the “human” aspect) to create the perfect body fit.  Balance is the key, and pMg is perfectly balanced – for maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization (where it really counts) – to provide the absolute best for optimum health.

It has long been known that magnesium and vitamin C are essential for cardiovascular health.  Intravenous (IV) magnesium (as magnesium sulfate) is one of the first things administered in hospital ERs to those with certain heart problems, while it is vitamin C that prevents and remedies certain blood vessel deteriorating conditions.  Magnesium is the most heart (cardio) healthy nutrient there is.  Vitamin C is the most blood vessel (vascular) healthy nutrient there is.  Together they form a natural and strong synergy for cardiovascular health – a Supercharged Synergy™ for optimum health support.

However, not until the development of pMg (that brings magnesium and vitamin C to their full potential) was their full potential recognized – the potential they probably always had but went unrecognized simply because, in the case of magnesium, not enough could be ingested without producing a laxative effect.  There is a strong, natural, and highly compatible synergy between magnesium and vitamin C – for the benefit of the heart and blood vessels, with the added benefit of dramatic support for normal respiratory function.  Now, for the first time ever, both are available in one tablet in the best and most powerful form ever developed – as Potentiated Magnesium.

Then there are the other pMg-based nutritional supplement products, such as MAX – which is Potentiated Magnesium plus the essential mineral zinc.  All pMg-based nutritional supplement products contain Potentiated Magnesium in exactly the same balanced formulation, only with other essential nutrients or phytonutrients (nutrients derived from plants) added that provide a strong synergy for a specific targeted purpose:  pMg is primarily for the support of normal cardiovascular health and respiratory function, while MAX is primarily for support of natural exercised muscle strength and immune system support.

Because of the Compound Complex process used in its formulation, the zinc portion of MAX is also brought to its full potential making it what in effect becomes Supercharged Zincor Potentiated Zinc(The word “Potentiated” is the exclusive registered trademark of Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.)

The Compound Complex process potentiates and therefore supercharges each nutrient.  Because of the supercharged magnesium (immune system modulator), vitamin C (immune system staple and powerful antioxidant), and the supercharged zinc (key immune system mineral), MAX dramatically supports the immune system – making MAX useful for such things as naturally shortening the duration of symptoms associated with the Winter Season.

The unique and patented Compound Complex process brings out the full power and potential of whatever other essential nutrient or phytonutrient is added to pMg – thus providing for the first time an unparalleled Supercharged Synergy™ for its primary intended target:

pMg for Cardiovascular Health and Respiratory Function Support.
MAX for Exercised Muscle Strength and Immune System Support.

You Really Do Get A Lot More Than You May Think With pMg!

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