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Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) was developed with many years (decades actually) of science-based orthomolecular biochemistry research.  The basic research (which began in 1968) followed the fundamental teachings of orthomolecular biochemistry Cal Tech professor, and twice Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, who is best known for his groundbreaking work with vitamin C, founding The Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine, and the texts he has written: “General Chemistry” and “The Nature of the Chemical Bond” which have set the standard in college-level textbooks in chemistry and biochemistry.  Virtually every American chemist and biochemist today has studied from these texts or has been taught by those who have.

The research and development (R&D) of pMg became formalized in 1991 with the formation of a dedicated R&D facility – The Research Lab.  It is The Research Lab that conducted all of the science-based orthomolecular biochemistry R&D with pMg, while Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. is the exclusive producer of pMg and all the pMg-based nutritional supplement products.

With the development of pMg it became apparent that there was a need for other nutritional supplements that were pMg-based – specifically designed for other targeted applications where magnesium and vitamin C are a vitality important part – to provide maximum support for a particular body function or structure with the addition of other specific nutrients to pMg.  Thus, while pMg is primarily for heart health and respiratory function support, Go To The MAX Potentiated Magnesium plus Zinc (MAX) is primarily for exercised muscle strength and immune system support, with other natural pMg-based targeted nutritional supplements under development.  pMg and MAX are all about providing essential nutrients that may help support normal body structure and function.

Science-based orthomolecular biochemistry research and development is the basis behind the development of Potentiated Magnesium and all the pMg-based nutritional supplements.  After the human research studies (which included more than 30 people and included those in every decade of adult life, from those in their late-teen years to those in their 90’s), some of the participants sent letters in which they described their experience – excerpts of which are presented here with their permission.

The opinions expressed herein are based solely on personal experience and therefore are subjective.  The opinions are not scientific evidence, and should not be considered as such.  The experiences expressed are only of those indicated, and are not to be interpreted as what can generally or specifically be expected or achieved.  Those expressing their opinions are not in the field of nutrition, health, medicine, or biochemistry, nor are they scientific experts, and therefore do not have the expertise to scientifically evaluate the features or characteristics of the pMg product(s) they used.  It is important to understand that pMg and the pMg-based nutritional supplements do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  pMg and the pMg-based nutritional supplements only function as essential nutrients that help support the natural balance, stability, structural integrity, and normal function of the human body on the cellular level, thus supporting homeostasis.  pMg and the pMg-based nutritional supplements only support the normal function and structure of the human body – as do all essential nutrients.

These statements, as well as the opinions expressed herein, have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Everyone is different with their own personal health concerns and issues, and therefore should check with their doctor before taking pMg or MAX, or any nutritional supplement, or before engaging in any unaccustomed physical activity or exercise.

Heart Health & Anti-Aging

“I have been taking Potentiated Magnesium for several years now, with great success.  I started gradually and built up to 3,000 mg of magnesium a day, an amount not possible with any other magnesium supplement that I have tried.  I continued this for one year, then reduced to 1,000 mg per day.  At the end of the first year I was amazed that a simple little tablet of Potentiated Magnesium could have such a profound beneficial impact on the support and normal function of my cardiovascular system.  Thank you for making Potentiated Magnesium.  I feel it has given me a new lease on life.”  – Robert R. (age 91)  

Respiratory Function

From a life-long seasonal sufferer (and professional singer with the Pacific Chorale) who lives near one of the sites of the fires that devastated Southern California in 2007:

“I thought you would find my condition, in light of the recent fires and horrible air quality, refreshing (pun-intended).  I have been perfect, better in fact than many of my friends, including my husband, who are not seasonal sufferers.  My lungs and breathing have been perfect, not affected at all by the ash and toxins in the air.  My lungs and breathing have not been restricted at all.  Considering how this often comes on with weather changes, this is truly a miracle.  I am experiencing a renaissance with my singing as well.  It has been an utter joy!  No restrictions whatsoever.  This would never have happened without pMg.  Thank you.”  – Randi L.  

Respiratory Function

 “I have battled with respiratory seasonal changes chronically for the past 15 years.  It [pMg] provided an energy boost with natural compounds that literally has changed my life.  I can breathe much easier now.  You need to know that I am my worst critic and extremely skeptical about any natural product that provides wellness.  Today I am confident and full of energy.  Most amazing of all, I have gotten these great results by taking only one pMg a day.  Thank you pMg.”  – Imelda B.  

Energy, Endurance & Anti-Aging

“I began religiously taking Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) a few months ago.  I have gradually increased my daily dosage to 6 tablets a day, and when I think of it 2 at night.  I am 61 years old and a runner.  I now run three to four times weekly and have increased the total distance I run to 15-16 miles a week.  After each run I still have plenty of energy.  Since I have been taking pMg every day, I have a lot more energy and stamina.  I do believe pMg is responsible for the increases I have experienced.  I think it will become the secret weapon against aging for Baby Boomers.”  – John O.  

Heart Health & Energy

“I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your product pMg.  Since I became aware that more women than men are at greater risk for problems with heart health, I began looking into natural things that I can do for my health.  I have added pMg to my twice daily regimen along with my fish oil supplements.  Having known for quite awhile that magnesium is beneficial for my heart, I had been searching for the best product.  I’m very particular about what I put into my body and your product was exactly what I was looking for.  From my research, I was very impressed by the numerous worldwide patents, especially Japan.  No other product has patents like these.  I like knowing that pMg helps keep my heart healthy and supports normal blood pressure, and I also like the natural energy I get from it.  It does all these things without the laxative effect the other magnesium products have.  pMg is a phenomenal nutritional supplement and I commend you for its development.”  – Kristy S.

Respiratory Function & Energy

“I have suffered from seasonal weather changes for as long as I can remember.  Being an athlete in high school, it was always hard for me to keep up with my teammates, and I would often push myself into an inconvenient respiratory attack.  I started taking pMg about a year ago, and although I have since graduated high school and finished playing my four high school sports, I have noticed a significant improvement in my ability to breathe comfortably, by taking just one pMg tablet a day.  I am now in my second year at the college known as ‘The City on a Hill,’ and I am proud to say that scaling those hills to get to class, although may not be easy, is certainly not a ‘breathtaking’ experience – thanks to pMg.”  – Alexandra I.

Uptake, Heart Health & Energy

“I have long been a natural health enthusiast, and am pretty knowledgeable about vitamin and mineral supplements.  The several health benefits of magnesium have long been known by those who care enough to look into the subject, with it perhaps being best known as the ‘heart mineral.’  However, in the past it has been impossible to take magnesium in oral form in any meaningful amounts without it resulting in producing diarrhea – that is until the advent of Potentiated Magnesium.  The uptake of Potentiated Magnesium is amazing.  In my test, I have personally taken up to 3 times the recommended optimum daily amount, having taken 3,000 mg of magnesium from pMg per day, and had no adverse side effects whatsoever.  This would have been impossible with any other oral form of magnesium product.  After my test, I reduced the amount I take on a daily basis to more usual intake levels of around 1,000 mg per day and have been doing so for the last several years.  As a result of my health regime, of which pMg is a key part, I have been experiencing excellent health and have a lot of energy and vitality.  The phenomenal uptake ability of pMg is what makes it so useful, and I give it my highest and most heart-felt recommendation.”  – Dave M.

Youthful Energy, Heart Health & Circulatory Function

“I have been taking pMg daily for several years now and as a result I am healthy, feel excellent all the time, and feel energized as I do my everyday tasks,  For me the greatest benefit of pMg is the natural energy it provides.  Plus, I like knowing that I am doing something for myself every day that is very healthy for my heart, helps support normal blood pressure, and helps keep me young (something I have grown to especially appreciate).  I think pMg will become a real boon to those who are young at heart and want to stay that way, giving all of us the opportunity to continue to savor this wonderful gift called life.”  – Betsy M.

Natural Energy, Youthful Vitality & Muscle Function

“I have been taking pMg for almost a year now, 6-8 tablets a day.  The biggest difference I noticed in using pMg was when I ran out of the supplement.  Within days, I immediately had less energy and felt more tired…but within days of receiving my supply of pMg I again had more energy and no longer had that tired feeling when not using pMg.  And, the energy increase is a natural sustained increase rather than a temporary energy surge.  This increased energy level helps with my work and golf (I am an avid golfer).  The other thing I have found pMg to do is to help relieve muscle cramps that I occasionally get in my legs at night – 2 pMg tablets taken with Gatorade does the trick very nicely!  This really works…and thank you for making pMg.”  – Ron W.

Muscle Strength & Peak Performance

“I am tall and thin, and have always had difficulty gaining muscle weight – even though I workout daily.  I started taking Go To The MAX several months ago and added some of the additional exercises you suggested.  In just a couple of months I have gotten a lot stronger.  I take 4 tablets of Go To The MAX each night when I go to bed after having exercised earlier in the day.  I can’t believe how strong and hard my muscles have become.  This has happened at the perfect time.  I want to play college volleyball, and have recently been scouted by several college volleyball coaches.  I currently play on the volleyball club team that won the gold medal in the Junior Olympics last month; and I was voted MVP at a high-performance volleyball training camp a couple of weeks ago.  I know my increased strength has helped with many aspects of my game.  It is great to have available a natural dietary supplement that works so well (no steroids or other crazy stuff like that for me!) – thanks to MAX.”  – Nick I.

In an update, Nick’s volleyball team won the Orange County Regional Championship and he was voted MVP in the championship playoffs.  On the National level, Nick led his team to a stunning championship victory in the Southern California Volleyball Association Junior Boy’s Classic (Division of USA Volleyball).  He caught the eye of a volleyball coach for a major Southern California college and is now a starting player on their volleyball team – a rather amazing and rare feat for a first-year college student.

Recovery, Energy, Endurance & Muscle Strength

“After using the MAX product I noticed my workout recovery time decreased within days.  My energy level increased at the gym which is great because I don’t take stimulants.  Then after 10 days I was pushing more weight with less effort.  That means I was getting stronger quicker.  Thanks MAX!”  – Steven S.

Baby Boomer Vitality

“I have been a workout Guy all my life.  I am of the Baby Boomer generation and thought it a good idea to do everything I can for my own heart health.  I know magnesium is good for the heart, but everyone I tried (and I tried them all) gave me diarrhea.  Then I ran across Potentiated Magnesium, and taking it for the last couple of years has opened up a whole new world of health benefits.  First, no diarrhea – no matter how much I take!  I have a lot more energy, which is especially apparent when I workout.  My workout endurance has increased dramatically.  When on the treadmill, it feels as if I am able to take deeper breaths and breathe easier.  After my workout my muscles feel more relaxed, which helps me to sleep when I go to bed.  It is obvious to me that Potentiated Magnesium has a strong beneficial effect on all the muscles – including the heart muscle.  This is a truly great product!”  – Bob L.

Family Affair

“More than a year ago I started with Potentiated Magnesium for my young daughter who suffered every time she went outside, which got especially bad when we went to one of our favorite vacation spots in the mountains.  Because she was so young, I cautiously started her with only half a tablet of pMg a day.  The relief was almost immediate, within a day or two.  Now that she is a little older she takes one full tablet a day, and continues to receive benefits.  I was so impressed with pMg, now I have my son taking it, my parents taking it, and of course I am taking it.  Taking pMg has become a family affair for heath.”  – Nadia S.

Getting In Really Good Shape & Immune System Boost

“Since taking Go To The MAX, and doing the exercises you suggested, my muscles have gotten a lot stronger.  It has given me a lot more energy and endurance when I workout.  I have trimmed down from an out of shape 220 pounds to a really in good shape173 pounds.  I can now do 150 to 200 push-ups a day (in sets), and run about 7 miles every other day – some of which is uphill.  I take 4 tablets of MAX in the morning before I workout, and another 4 tablets at night before I go to bed.  I have also noticed that I seem to have a stronger immunity.  I have been getting into top shape so I can serve my country by joining the military service, and MAX has given me the edge I needed as a 30 year old.”  – Morgan D.

“Improved My Health Tremendously”

“This product [MAX] was recommended to me by my physician.  I feel it has improved my health tremendously.  Thank you for making such a quality product.”   – Ronda G.

Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) and Go To The MAX (MAX) are orthomolecular science-based and researched.  Although compelling, and anecdotal reports show the human side, they should not be relied upon because everyone is different with their own particular set of health issues or concerns that may be unique to them.  It is especially important for those with a health condition, or who are under the care of a doctor, to check with their doctor before taking pMg or MAX or before engaging in any unaccustomed physical activity or exercise.

pMg is the essential mineral Magnesium and vital Vitamin C.  MAX is pMg plus the essential mineral Zinc.

(For more information about pMg and health see: “Potentiated Magnesium,” “How pMg Works,” “The Five Pillars of Health – The Basis of Heart Health,” “The Real Secret of Health & Longevity,” “The Importance of Magnesium & Vitamin C” and “Back To Basics With Mother Nature” – For more information about MAX, health and working out see: “Go To The MAX” and “Get The Most From Your Workout With MAX.”)

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