Compound Complex™ & Maxcelint Uptake®

The Compound Complex Process Potentiates (Supercharges) All The Ingredients

Maxcelint Uptake = Maximum Intestinal Absorption and Optimum Cellular Utilization

The Compound Complex™ process is how Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) is formed – a unique and patented process that allows for maximum synergy between the ingredients and is the reason for its unprecedented uptake.  pMg is designed to work with how the human body normally functions, and is in sync with Nature.  It is the Compound Complex process that supercharges and releases the full potential of the magnesium portion of pMg, and at the same time supercharges its vitamin C portion.

The unique (and patented) Compound Complex process of pMg and the pMg-based products imparts an unparalled Supercharged Synergy™ between the ingredients that results in the most powerful and effective form of magnesium ever developed.  The reason it’s so powerful and effective is the Compound Complex process creates organically-bound magnesium - just the way it’s naturally found in green leafy vegetables.  This also holds true for the other mineral elements as well, such as zinc in Go To The MAX (forming organically-bound zinc), thus creating a natural blend between the inorganic earth elements (minerals) and the organic components (vitamin C and bioflavonoids).  This process truly is: The Best of Mother Nature blended with modern science.™ 

It is the Compound Complex process that supercharges the essential nutrients and phytonutrients in all the pMg-based products: Magnesium, vitamin C, and the bioflavonoids in Potentiated Magnesium (pMg), and the magnesium, vitamin C, zinc, and the bioflavonoids in Go To The MAX (MAX).  The supercharging of the nutrients enhances each other, providing a strong synergistic power and effectiveness – and is what is known as Supercharged Synergy.

The Compound Complex process starts with the concept of a special type of chemical bond, known in science as a “coordination complex,” modifies it and takes it several steps further – imparting a unique double (compound) bond – forming a new type of chemical bond called a “compound coordination complex,” or just simply: a Compound Complex.  Basically, the Compound Complex is where the molecules of one nutrient are encased with the molecules of another nutrient, and then those nutrients are encased with the molecules of a third nutrient.  It is this new and previously unknown type of Compound Complex that allows for the maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization of pMg and MAX, which is what “uptake” is all about, in addition to supercharging its ingredients.  Only pMg and the pMg-based products (such as MAX) are formed as a Compound Complex.

“Uptake” is the taking in of nutrients into the body for its use, and is comprised of two basic steps: Intestinal absorption and cellular utilization.  After consumption, the first obstacle nutrients need to navigate is absorption by the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.  This is where all other magnesium supplements fail, giving in to magnesium’s inherent hydrophilic nature (attract and hold water), often producing a laxative effect, instead of the magnesium being absorbed in any meaningful amounts.  Next is where all nutrients are actually used – on the cellular level.  pMg is the only magnesium nutritional supplement that has been specifically designed to successfully navigate intestinal absorption and provide it to the cells in its full amount and most usable ionic form.  This is called Maxcelint Uptake®, that is, maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization.

In fact, the name “Maxcelint” is derived from maximum, cellular and intestinal absorption and utilization (which, not coincidentally, happens to rhyme with “excellent”).

Quite simply, pMg’s uptake is unmatched by any other magnesium (or vitamin C) product.  pMg is the most advanced, powerful, and effective form of magnesium (and vitamin C) in the world, providing maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization, where it counts the most – in the GI tract and on the cellular level.

When taken as directed, the uptake of pMg and all pMg-based products is 100%.  Only pMg and the pMg-based nutritional supplements have Maxcelint Uptake®.

Supercharged Synergy with 100% Uptake!

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