Potentiated MagnesiumPotentiated Magnesium (pMg) is an advanced form of the essential mineral magnesium (Mg), featuring Maxcelint Uptake for maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization – with 100% Uptake – and is the same advanced form of magnesium used in the following worldwide patents: U.S. 5,849,337, U.S. 6,372,264, Canada 2,295,108, Japan 3622985, China ZL 02828726.6, and European Union patent EP 1003370 that includes the countries of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Nothing has ever been proven to be more powerful and effective for normal cardiovascular health and function, normal respiratory function, and anti-aging support than Potentiated Magnesium.

Unlike anything that has come before, Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) is totally new and so advanced that it has demonstrated (in its worldwide patents) overcoming the inherent hydrophilic nature of magnesium (thus producing no laxative effect), that in so doing allows for an unprecedented 100% Uptake (not just bioavailability, but actual uptake).  When taken daily in meaningful amounts, pMg has also demonstrated in its patents profound cardiovascular health benefits not previously seen with anything else – and does so naturally with essential nutrients in harmony with how the human body normally functions.

The most powerful effect demonstrated by taking Potentiated Magnesium on a daily basis is the profound beneficial impact it has on supporting normal heart health and vascular system function (as detailed in its many worldwide patents) – especially benefitting the important endothelial cells that line and protect the interior surface of the arteries – plus pMg is naturally antioxidant rich.  It is well-known that the essential mineral magnesium is the most important nutrient there is for heart health and vitamin C is vital for normal vascular function.  pMg is the most powerful and effective Dietary Supplement form of magnesium and vitamin C ever developed.

Potentiated Magnesium is for those seeking the optimum in natural cardiovascular health!

In addition to the cardiovascular health benefits demonstrated in the Potentiated Magnesium patents, pMg also provides a full-spectrum of normal structural and functional support for:
•   Respiratory System
function and bronchial airway relaxation;
•   Energy Production as part of the vital MgATP energy complex;
•   Muscles & Arteries providing relaxation with an anti-spasm quality;
•   Normal Glycolysis and enhanced insulin cell receptor sensitivity;
•   Neuromuscular Transmission impulses and electrical potentials;
•   Enzymatic Reactions as a critically important functional component cofactor;
•   Balancing Calcium Metabolism as a key factor in normal cellular and arterial function;
•   Cellular Anti-Aging and premature aging prevention for an enhanced Health Span;
and…is Balanced, Natural & Antioxidant Rich!

Potentiated Magnesium is unlike any magnesium supplement that has come before.  pMg is totally new and supremely effective, and yet has no undesirable deleterious side effects.

As good as pMg is, it is important to understand not only what it does, but also what it doesn’t do.  pMg does not prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease conditon.  Rather, pMg provides the basic raw materials, in a highly useable form, the human body needs to function normally.  This normal function is known as homeostasis, and is the normal state the human body continuously strives to attain and maintain so it can function normally.  pMg naturally supports homeostasis.

Potentiated Magnesium naturally supports and helps maintain the balance, stability, structural integrity, and normal function (i.e., homeostasis) of the cardiovascular system, cellular function, respiratory function, muscle function, nerve function, arterial function, endothelium function, supports normal blood circulation and normal blood pressure, plus it supports normal glucose metabolism (glycolysis), naturally supports mitochondrial MgATP energy production, is an important electrolyte mineral that contributes to the prevention and relief of muscle cramps and spasm, sparks youthful vitality that helps avoid common mid-afternoon drowsiness – and supports normal heart function and heartbeat while balancing calcium metabolism.

As a natural calcium channel blocker, Potentiated Magnesium naturally balances calcium metabolism which supports the normal function of calcium on the cellular level, and therefore helps prevent cellular dysfunction, damage, demise and decay (cellular aging) which slows the aging process and helps prevent premature aging, thus helping to extend the human Health Span (healthful longevity) – and it does all of these things completely naturally with essential nutrients the human body is known to need to function normally – and without producing the laxative side effect common with all other magnesium supplements.

Potentiated Magnesium
is the only supplemental form of the essential mineral magnesium that overcomes the inherent hydrophilic nature of magnesium (avoiding magnesium’s usual laxative effect), to provide unprecedented 100% Uptake and delivery to cells – where it really counts.

Potentiated Magnesium is particularly important as we age – especially for mature adults in the fast-growing Baby Boomer Generation – and is equally important for adults of all ages who want to do everything they can to optimize their health and longevity – naturally. For the first time in Dietary Supplement history, Potentiated Magnesium fully activates and brings the essential mineral magnesium to its full potential.

pMg is made in the U.S.A. from the world’s finest ingredients, is tested and Laboratory Certified by an independent outside lab to ensure the highest quality, purity, potency, and exacting proprietary formulation, and is exclusively produced by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.

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Go To The MAXGo To The MAX Potentiated Magnesium plus Zinc (MAX) is a unique blend of the world’s most powerful and effective magnesium, Potentiated Magnesium (pMg), and the essential mineral zinc (Zn).

MAX is so advanced that with the efficacy of the magnesium, vitamin C and zinc combination, only MAX stands alone by naturally providing the structural and functional support for:
•  Boosting the Immune System with Magnesium,Vitamin C & Zinc;
•  Exercised Muscle Strength and enhanced muscle function;
•  Enhanced Endurance and reduced muscle fatigue factor;
•  Increased Aerobic Capacity as measured by VO2 max;
•  Naturally Increased Energy Levels to help sustain workouts;
•  Enhanced Workout Recovery Speed after physical activity;
•  Immune System Support which also helps speed recovery;
•  Peak Physical Performance enhanced with daily intake of MAX;
and…is Balanced & Natural with 100% Uptake!

Go To The MAX naturally supports the Immune System in three ways: (1) Magnesium is an immune system modulator, and as such provides balance to the immune system; (2) Vitamin C is a well-known staple of the immune system, and is the gold standard for antioxidants by which all others are compared; and (3) Zinc is the one mineral that is well-known to be essential for boosting the immune system, with it being considered the most potent immune system boosting mineral.  MAX brings these three important nutrients together in a super-strong synergy for maximum immune system support – unlike any other.

MAX strongly supports the immune system and may significantly boost the immune system when needed, which is an especially important consideration during certain times of the year such as the Winter Season.

Go To The MAX naturally supports the energized function and strength of all Exercised Muscles, including: (1) Skeletal muscles – Striated muscle tissue that is made up of bundles of muscle fibers held together by connective tissue that are attached to the skeleton by collagen-containing tendons and are what allow body movement, with such muscles being under voluntary control; (2) Smooth muscles – Involuntary-controlled muscles that allow organs, gastrointestinal (GI) tract, respiratory tract, and blood vessel contractions and movement, with such muscles under the control of the autonomic nervous system; and, (3) Cardiac muscle – A specialized type of involuntary-controlled striated muscle tissue, similar to skeletal muscle but much more resistant to fatigue, that is found in the walls of the heart (known as the myocardium) that allow the heart to rhythmically contract and relax, pumping blood throughout the body.

Go To The MAX is for those seeking the maximum in natural exercised muscle strength & naturally boosting the immune system!

One of the most profound and noticeable effects of taking Go To The MAX on a daily basis is the beneficial impact it has on skeletal muscles (when exercised), with a new level of exercised strength and endurance, enhanced recovery, and an increase in natural energy.  As an important electrolyte mineral, MAX helps prevent and relieve muscle cramps, especially those in the legs and feet after vigorous use.  Several independent studies have demonstrated an amazing 11% to 56% increase in exercised muscle strength when the essential minerals magnesium and zinc are properly formulated and taken when engaged in physical activities.  (References:  Journal of Nutrition 132: 930-935 2002;  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 72: #2, 585s-593s 2000;  Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise 31: #5, 483 1999;  Journal of The American College of Nutrition 11: 326-329 1992;  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 49: 1295-1301 1989;  Journal of Applied Physiology 62: 545-550 1987;  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 37: 407-415 1983)

MAX does not add muscle bulk or size but rather naturally supports exercised muscle strength, which helps facilitate normal muscle function, exercise, and physical activity.

also strengthens the most important muscle in the body – the heart muscle.  Unlike health-damaging anabolic steroids (and other unnatural substances), MAX is made from essential nutrients the human body is known to need for normal function and health.  Steroids damage the heart.  MAX strengthens the heart – naturally – plus MAX is naturally rich in antioxidantsMAX does not have steroid effects.

Strong Muscles and a Strong Immune System is what MAX is primarily about – naturally.  These become very important as we age, and also are especially important for the fast-growing Baby Boomer Generation.

Go To The MAX is for the serious athlete and weekend warrior alike, and those seriously interested in strengthening their immune system.

MAX is made in the U.S.A. from the world’s finest ingredients, is tested and Laboratory Certified by an independent outside lab to ensure the highest quality, purity, potency, and exacting proprietary formulation, and is exclusively produced by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.

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