The Active Ingredients of pMg & MAX

Magnificent Magnesium, Vital Vitamin C, and Essential Zinc

The revolutionary Compound Complex™ process potentiates all of the active ingredients in Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) and Go To The MAX (MAX), bringing each of them to their full potential.  By potentiating each ingredient it not only fully activates them, it triggers a Supercharged Synergy™ between them.  Potentiated Magnesium® has been designed and specifically formulated for maximum uptake and optimum effectiveness within the human body – especially supporting optimum heart health and normal respiratory, cellular and muscle function.  The active ingredients in pMg are a select combination of essential nutrients – nutrients the human body requires for normal good health and that need to be supplied daily in balanced proportions for optimum benefit.

Magnificent Magnesium

Magnesium (125 mg elemental Mg per tablet) – The essential mineral magnesium (Mg) originates from the earth’s crust and normally comes into the body by consuming plant foods that have been grown in non-depleted nutrient-rich soil, from consuming animals that have consumed plants or live in a mineral-rich environment (oceans and streams), and from consuming fresh water that has a natural mineral content.  Foods that naturally contain magnesium include:  100% whole grains, legumes (beans, lentils, peanuts, peas and soybeans), green leafy vegetables, seafood (fish and sea vegetables such as kelp), cocoa, nuts and seeds.

Any green plant food contains magnesium – the darker the green the better.  If it has the green plant pigment chlorophyll then it has magnesium because each molecule of chlorophyll is held together by a central atom of magnesium.

Magnesium from food is normally only about 50-60% absorbable at most (assuming that it is grown in nutrient-rich soil in the first place).  By contrast, the magnesium in pMg is 100% absorbable.  The uptake of the magnesium in pMg is vastly superior to all other dietary supplement forms, including the outdated chelated and time-released forms, and even the newer effervescent, transdermal, and topical forms.  Because of the new and patented Compound Complex process, pMg is the only form of magnesium in oral supplement form that has successfully overcome the inherent hydrophilic nature of magnesium (thus eliminating magnesium’s usual laxative effect), and as a result has 100% Uptake – not just bioavailability but actual uptake.  (See “Maxcelint Uptake” and “Compound Complex” for more details.)

Magnesium is essential for health and normal body function, having a wide range of biological functions, and is so important that the human body cannot survive without it.  Because the human body does not produce magnesium it must be replenished daily, hence it being classified as an “essential” nutrient – essential in that it must be consumed daily for life to exist and health to thrive.

Magnesium especially supports and helps maintain: Normal heart health, normal respiratory function, normal blood flow, normal blood pressure, normal glucose uptake, a normal heartbeat rhythm, energy production, normal nerve function, normal muscle function (all muscles, including skeletal muscles, the heart muscle, and the muscles that are part of other structures such as the arteries and bronchial tubes), normal cell function, is involved in over 300 metabolic/enzymatic reactions, helps modulate and balance the immune system, and is one of the most vitally important electrolyte minerals, and, as a natural calcium channel blocker, balances calcium metabolism.  Muscle twitch, spasm or cramp?  That’s an indication of muscle overuse and inadequate electrolytes (potassium, sodium and magnesium), and too much calcium (which triggers muscle contractions).

Magnesium is so beneficial for the heart that it is often IV administered in hospital ERs to many who have suffered a heart attack or have other heart problems such as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat).

Magnesium is absolutely essential for health, and is the most heart-healthy nutrient there is – and there is no better magnesium in oral supplement form than Potentiated Magnesium (pMg).  The magnesium in pMg is the only magnesium in the world that has been fully activated and brought to its full potential – hence its name: Potentiated Magnesium.

For more information about magnesium, see “Magnesium” in the “Magnificent Minerals” section.

Vital Vitamin C

Vitamin C (250 mg per tablet) – This essential antioxidant vitamin is formed in plant foods as they grow, and is especially abundant in citrus fruits (with the greatest concentration found in the “hips” portion of roses, known as rosehips).  Vitamin C is especially well-known for its ability to support and maintain the structural integrity of the vascular system (blood vessels), with it preventing and remedying the blood vessel and connective tissue deteriorating condition known as “scurvy” (which is well-known to result from a vitamin C deficiency).  Without vitamin C, the body would literally fall apart.

Vitamin C also supports elastin production (which is what provides the elastic characteristic to blood vessels and skin), collagen production (for skin, bone and connective tissue health), and boosts the immune system.  The vitamin C used in pMg is natural vegetable-source ascorbic acid (with rosehips), which provides a natural balance to the inherent alkalinity of magnesium and balances its potential of hydrogen (pH).  pMg also contains natural (and citrus free) bioflavonoids that have a strong synergy with vitamin C, supporting vascular health – especially capillary health and function.  (The capillaries are the smallest blood vessels that act as the direct nutrient pipeline to the cells.)

Vitamin C has such a strong beneficial impact on the vascular system that studies have shown when 1,000 mg of vitamin C are taken along with 800 IU of vitamin E just before eating a fat-laden meal they help keep the blood vessels in their normal flexible and elastic state, as opposed to becoming rigid and less flexible when such a fat-laden meal is consumed without them.  Without vitamins C and E, fat-laden meals adversely affect the vascular system.  Vitamins C and E strongly support the normal function of the vascular system.  Vitamin C is so potent that it even helps re-activate depleted vitamin E.

Vitamin C is considered the premier antioxidant vitamin.  Vitamin C has strong antioxidant qualities that help reduce oxidative stress generated by free radicals.  Free radicals are unstable and highly reactive atoms with an unpaired electron that attack nearby molecules seeking to steal an electron, thus making the attacked molecule a free radical itself.  Free radicals are formed as a normal byproduct of metabolism, and by such environmental factors as pollution, radiation, and breathing cigarette smoke.  Regardless of the source, if free radicals are not held in check (by antioxidants like vitamin C) they cause oxidative stress and damage to cells and cell membranes.  The lipids and sterols (fats and fat-like substances), such as triglycerides and cholesterol, that are part of what make up the protective cell membranes are especially susceptible to oxidative damage by means of an oxidative reaction known as lipid peroxidation.  Such cell damage is a strong contributory factor to inflammation and cellular aging.  pMg and all pMg-based products have ample amounts of vitamin C in each tablet.

Vitamin C strongly supports the immune system.  Research by Dr. Linus Pauling, and by other researchers more recently, has shown that vitamin C supplementation stimulates the production and concentration of certain immune system antibodies in the blood, while at the same time helping to prevent the seasonal (Winter) decline of certain other antibodies, thus supporting how the immune system functions.  Regular hand washing and “PARSNIP” may also help prevent the spread of seasonal infectious pathogens.

PARSNIP is an acronym for the Prevention And Reduction of Seriously Nasty Infectious Pathogens, which is the rationale for reconsidering the social convention of hand shaking as a greeting, especially during seasonal infectious outbreaks.  Perhaps during the Winter months just verbally expressing “PARSNIP” would be a better alternative to hand shaking, with PARSNIP serving as an explanation to let the other person know that you respect their health in addition to your own.  Just saying “PARSNIP” shows that you are aware and care.

Vitamin C also has a synergistic action with magnesium in helping to normalize respiratory function.  Vitamin C combats bronchial constriction from an antioxidant standpoint while magnesium relaxes the muscle structures of the bronchial tubes.  This may be especially useful information for those with symptoms associated with chronic respiratory conditions, seasonal respiratory conditions, or exposure to environmental irritants.

Vitamin C is absolutely essential for health, and is the most vascular-healthy nutrient in existence – and there is no better vitamin C than that found in pMg.  Because of the Compound Complex™ process, the vitamin C in pMg is fully activated and supercharged vitamin C.

For more information about vitamin C, see “Vitamin C” in the “Vital Vitamins” section.

Essential Zinc

Zinc (5 mg per tablet of MAX) – Go To The MAX® (MAX) is Potentiated Magnesium plus the essential mineral zinc (Zn).  The Compound Complex™ process of MAX fully potentiates the zinc content, in addition to the magnesium and vitamin C content.  The essential mineral zinc supports the immune system, nerve and muscle function, the reproductive system, and the structure and function of cells.  When blended with the right amount and balance of the essential mineral magnesium (as is the case with MAX), zinc has an especially profound and natural beneficial impact on the exercised strength of muscles.  Because of the Compound Complex™ process, the zinc in MAX is fully activated and supercharged zinc.

For more information about zinc, see “Zinc” in the “Magnificent Minerals” section.

The active ingredients of Potentiated Magnesium and Go To The MAX nutritional supplements are in exactly the right amount and balanced proportion for their specific targeted purpose – pMg for the support of normal heart health, circulation, respiratory and cellular  function, energy production, and the human health span; MAX for the support of exercised muscle strength, endurance, peak physical performance, exercise recovery, energy production, and support of a normal immune system.

The Compound Complex™ process ensures that the active ingredients of pMg and MAX are fully activated and each brought to their full potential – producing a Supercharged Synergy™ between the ingredients which results in a previously unknown degree of power and effectiveness.

Essential Nutrients Brought to Their Full Potential!

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