Who Should Take pMg or MAX

Every Healthy Adult Should Take pMg and/or MAX Daily

pMg Daily Supports Heart Health   •   MAX Daily Supports Muscle & Immune Strength

Every healthy adult interested in their health and normal body function, especially their heart health, normal blood flow, normal artery function, normal cell function, normal muscle function and strength (the heart is also a muscle), normal respiratory function, youthful vitality and increased energy, and increased healthful longevity (known as the “Health Span”) should be taking Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) on a daily basis.

Even though designed for adults of all ages, Potentiated Magnesium ® is especially important for older adults (40+) and particularly the burgeoning Baby Boomer Generation – for both men and women alike – who are now entering what has been called the “heart attack years.”  pMg® daily naturally supports cardiovascular health.

Not often mentioned is the fact that:  “More women (52.7%) than men (47.3%) die from heart disease each year, and more women (59.8%) than men (40.2%) have strokes.”  (Source: American Heart Association & National Stroke Association)

Potentiated Magnesium is also for those who want a strong and normal functioning respiratory system, for those who desire increased energy and youthful vitality, and for those who want to slow the aging process and prevent premature aging – with a desire to increase their Health Span.

Go To The MAX® – Potentiated Magnesium plus Zinc (MAX) is for healthy adults of all ages who want to get the most out of whatever is their physical activity of choice, to naturally increase their muscle strength, endurance, peak physical performance, recovery, energy, and also for those who want to supercharge their immune system.

Basically, pMg is for heart health, circulation, respiratory and cellular function, energy, and health span support, while MAX is for exercised muscle strength, endurance, peak physical performance, recovery, energy, and immune system support.  All healthy adults who desire to naturally maximize improvements in these areas should take pMg and/or MAX – on an ongoing daily basis.  The benefits derived from pMg and MAX are daily dose dependent.

(Please Note:  Because the kidneys help regulate magnesium levels in the blood, those with compromised or abnormal kidney function should only take pMg or MAX, or any form of supplemental magnesium, with their doctor’s approval and guidance.)

pMg Daily for Heart Health Support!   MAX Daily for Muscle Strength & Immune Support!

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