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The Patents

Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) has had more patents actually issued (not just patents pending) than any other dietary supplement.  And, quite importantly, has the only patents ever issued for a dietary supplement that specifically does what pMg does within the human body – namely:

1. Enhanced Uptake – Maximum GI tract absorption and optimum cellular utilization;

2. No Laxative Effect – Overcomes magnesium’s inherent hydrophilic nature;

3. Balances Calcium Metabolism – Has demonstrated prevention of dystrophic calcification and cellular damage by balancing calcium metabolism;

4. Dystrophic Calcification Reversal and Reduction – Has demonstrated reversal of the dystrophic calcification process and reduction of the physical presence of dystrophic calcification by balancing calcium metabolism;

5. Compound Complex – Developed unique dietary supplement formation process that imparts an enhanced synergy between the nutrients, which maximizes each nutrient’s power and effectiveness.

These aspects of the patents are a first in U.S. and world patent history for a dietary supplement.

The U.S. Patents for Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) detail the enhanced uptake, health support, and research studies of pMg, and include “before” and “after” electron-beam CT heart scans.

The U.S. Patents

U.S. Patent No. 5,849,337 (titled: “Method of Enhancing Magnesium Absorption…”).

U.S. Patent No. 6,372,264 (titled: “Method of Reducing…Cellular Malfunction and For Balancing Ionic Calcium”).

The International Patents

Potentiated Magnesium is also patented in several other countries around the world: Canada 2,295,108, Japan 3622985, China ZL 02828726.6, and the European Union EP 1003370, which includes the countries of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Like the U.S. Patents, these International Patents have all been issued by their respective countries (rather than just being “patent pending”).

Even though Potentiated Magnesium may eventually be offered for sale in other countries, it will continue to be produced only in the U.S.A.  Even though Potentiated Magnesium may one day be licensed and offered under other label brands, it will continue to be produced exclusively by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. and certified in the U.S.A.

U.S. Patent Abstracts

A patent abstract is basically a summary of the patent.

U.S. Patent No. 5,849,337 abstract (in part):

“A method for making and administering a compounded coordination complex of magnesium that enhances the biological absorption of an effective amount of potentiated magnesium, and when administered in…effective dosages balances calcium metabolism, [and] maintains the homeostasis of the cardiovascular system…in the human body.”

U.S. Patent No. 6,372,264 abstract (in part):

“A method for reducing…cellular malfunction with the administration of…effective dosages of a compounded coordination complex of magnesium.  The method includes steps for making and administering a compounded coordination complex…[and] A standardized method for making a compounded coordination complex of inorganic minerals is also disclosed.”

The worldwide patents that cover Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) are some of the most extraordinary patents ever issued, especially considering the impact that pMg is likely to have in the coming years in supporting natural health – especially heart health – and increasing the human Health Span.  Natural heart health and slowing the aging process:  It probably doesn’t get much better than that.

The Trademarks

The registered trademarks owned by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. (MLI) include: Potentiated, Potentiated Magnesium, pMg, Go To The MAX, Maxcelint and Maxcelint Uptake.  Other MLI trademarks include: Compound Complex, Maximum Excellence, Supercharged Synergy, The Five Pillars of Health, The Complete Nutrient Directory, Nutrients-At-A-Glance, The Advanced Glycemic Index, Stress & Tension Alleviating Response (STAR), Get to The Heart of The Matter, Be Young at Heart with pMg, Be MAX Strong, Youthful Vitality Forged From Nature’s Strength, Home Is Where The Heart Is, The Tree with Swing Logo, The Red Heart Logo, The Dumbbell with “X” Logo, The Starburst Logo, The Leaf Logo, The Best of Mother Nature blended with modern science, and the Laboratory Certified Seal.  All words and items that have a registered trademark symbol ® or a trademark symbol ™ are the exclusive Intellectual Property of Maxcelint Laboratories Inc.  All rights are reserved.

The Copyrights

The entire content of this Website is copyrighted each year by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. Printed product materials, the entire label of pMg – Potentiated Magnesium, and the entire label of Go To The MAX – Potentiated Magnesium plus Zinc, have been copyrighted every year, beginning in 2007, by Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. All rights are reserved.

All Intellectual Property indicated (patents, trademarks and copyrights) are the exclusive property of Maxcelint Laboratories Inc. All rights are reserved.

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