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Balanced Moderation is The Basis of Health

Although most of us probably don’t think about it, we are, in every sense of the word, part of Nature.  Because we are at the top of the food chain, have a degree of intelligence, and possess awareness, it is easy to forget that fundamental precept.  From the strongest and most intelligent, to the weakest and most feeble of mind, our very existence is in the hands of nature.  Within the entire Universe nothing is more powerful than nature.  The basic law that governs the existence of everything in nature, including us, is balance.  Everything within nature requires balance to survive.

With humans being an integral part of nature, the fundamental law of balance applies to the human body as well.  The human body functions as a result of balance.  When the human body functions in its optimum state of equilibrium (balance) it is said to be in the condition of homeostasis.

Anything that is in excess or inadequate disrupts balance.  When the internal environment of the body is disrupted and out of balance, normal body functions falter leading to a weakened system and eventual breakdown.  When normal body functions breakdown this leads to degenerative states, which can lead to conditions that may eventually threaten survival.  Moderation and variety in nutrient intake tends to balance dietary excesses and inadequacies, which help to facilitate normal body function.  This becomes especially important as we age, to help offset or slow the decline that inevitably occurs with age.

When the human body is provided with all the basic raw materials it needs to maintain homeostasis, the basis of which is proper nutrition with optimum nutrient intake, this is said to be orthomolecular homeostasis (i.e., nutrient provided balance).  It is orthomolecular homeostasis that forms the basis for balance and puts the body in sync with nature.  When imbalances are kept in check with moderation, and nutrient balance is maintained with orthomolecular homeostasis, the result is Balanced Moderation.  In a real sense, the healthy survival of mankind is reliant upon balanced moderation.  Thus, in a sense, understanding nutrient basics will help ensure the future.  Nutrient basics are the key.  (See “Nutrients – The Basis of Life & Health” for more detailed information.)

With the discovery of the underlying cause of dystrophic calcification (unbalanced calcium metabolism), and the extraordinary development of the super mineral that has demonstrated 100% uptake (not just bioavailability but actual uptake, without a hydrophilic laxative effect) and can naturally balance calcium metabolism (Potentiated Magnesium), the full power and wisdom of Mother Nature is at hand – which represents a quantum leap forward in natural good health.

(See The Five Pillars of Health,” “Unbalanced Calcium Metabolism and “Potentiated Magnesium for more information.)

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