The Key To pMg’s Effectiveness

Compound Complex = Maxcelint Uptake + Supercharged Synergy

Magnesium is universally acknowledged as the world’s most heart healthy nutrient.  However, to be effective, it has to be fully and properly absorbed – first by the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, and then properly utilized on the cellular level where all nutrients are used in the human body.

The key to Potentiated Magnesium’s effectiveness is quite simply uptake, more specifically, Maxcelint Uptake ® which is unique to Potentiated Magnesium (pMg) and the entire line of pMg-based natural nutritional supplement products.

Magnesium is inherently hydrophilic (i.e., attracts and holds water in the GI tract).  This is what makes all other forms of magnesium nutritional supplements difficult to absorb in any meaningful amounts, and is what causes them to produce their well-known side effect of transitory diarrhea.  This laxative effect is why magnesium is used in certain laxative products (such as “Milk Of Magnesia”).  Potentiated Magnesium ® is the only supplemental form of magnesium that successfully overcomes magnesium’s inherent hydrophilic nature, allowing for its unprecedented 100% Uptake – providing maximum intestinal absorption and optimum cellular utilization.  In fact, the name “Maxcelint” is derived from maximum, cellular and intestinal uptake, with “Uptake” denoting both aspects, i.e., full and proper intestinal absorption and cellular utilization.

No other magnesium supplement has Maxcelint Uptake, and therefore no other magnesium supplement can match pMg’s unique uptake ability – and what it actually can do in the human body.  The results of its research studies and its many worldwide patents speak for themselves, and are testament to pMg’s uniqueness.  Magnesium’s enhanced uptake, along with what pMg actually does in the human body, are key parts of the pMg patents.  

Potentiated Magnesium is truly one of a kind – the only nutritional supplement form of magnesium that is 100% bioavailable and provides 100% Uptake.  pMg is so effective, both on the intestinal level and on the cellular level, that it surpasses all other supplement forms, including the outdated chelated and time-released forms, and even the newer effervescent, transdermal, and topical forms.  Only doctor-administered IV magnesium sulfate, as used in a medical setting, is delivered as effectively to the body’s cells, but even the IV administered form lacks the balance of the other nutrients present in pMg for optimum effectiveness – nor is it practical on an ongoing daily basis.  IV administered magnesium sulfate is good for potentially lifesaving emergency use, while there is nothing better than Potentiated Magnesium for daily use.

A new, natural, balanced, and very unique organic/inorganic complex, known as a Compound Complex, is what allows the unprecedented uptake of pMg on the intestinal and cellular level – with no deleterious side effects whatsoever – as long as the body has an opportunity to adapt.  This is best accomplished by initially introducing the pMg daily regimen very gradually, starting with only one (1) tablet a day and then gradually building up to the optimum daily dose over a period of three or four weeks, and taken only with plain water (not other beverages, especially not hot liquids because heated liquids can increase the hydrophilic activity of magnesium).  pMg has scientifically been designed and developed to work in harmony with how the human body naturally works – in a water-based fluid environment at body temperature – to provide orthomolecular homeostasis, i.e., nutrient provided balance, stability, structural integrity, and normal function of the human body.

The Compound Complex process also imparts a Supercharged Synergy™ between all the nutrients in every pMg-based nutritional supplement – which results in the most powerful and effective nutritional supplements on the planet.

Potentiated Magnesium is the basis of the complete pMg-based line of natural nutritional supplement products.  This means that whatever else you get from the specific targeted pMg-based supplement (such as MAX which is for exercised muscle strength, endurance, and immune system support), you also get the basic health benefits inherent to the primary nutrients in pMg (i.e., magnesium and vitamin C).  (See “Potentiated Magnesium,” “Go To The MAX” and “You Get More Than You Think” for more details.)

Maxcelint Uptake for Maximum Effectiveness!

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